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Sat 2024-06-15

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About Us

MarineTopics is a technical advisor to the maritime industry, a marine survey and consultancy company and a source of maritime news, books and articles which founded in 2022. Our vision is “Each demand, ONE response”.

We try to achieve our ambition by providing all the traditional and contemporary demands by high level of quality and as much as possible prompt response via a wide range of ICT technologies and modern social media aspects.
Our services:

  1. News: To provide business leaders, professionals and executives with high-quality, incisive commentary on critical maritime issues. Our media platforms are not only a source of Intellectual Capital but also create enormous value for advertisers. Our goal is to be the top media venue for readers and advertisers.

  2. Technical Articles/Texts: To create a comprehensive reference of technical texts for engineers, naval architectures, experts and other maritime technical bodies, we have prepared a unique center of them regarding more concerned topics, for our readers.

  3. Technical, consultant & engineering services: To develop a united supporting center of technical and engineering services for maritime industry, we have organized an online service center for our customers.

  4. E-Library: To access engineers, naval architectures, experts and other maritime technical bodies to a plain E-library, we build an online marine books’ library for our readers.