Daylight signaling lamp

Daylight signaling lamp

2023-01-01     13:13

"Daylight signaling lamps" means lamps suitable for transmitting white light signals to an observer by focused light beams which may be fixed or portable.

This device also called ALDIS lamp and to be fitted onboard according to the following SOLAS regulation (2000 SOLAS Reg. V/

“All ships of 150 gross tonnage and upwards and passenger ships irrespective of size shall be fitted with a signaling daylight lamp, or other means to communicate by light during day and night using an energy source of electrical power not solely dependent upon the ship's power supply.”

Regarding the onboard installation date, one of the following performance standards will be applicable and some of the more important functional requirement have been mentioned, too:

  1. Daylight signaling lamps installed before 1 July 2002 (74 SOLAS Reg. V/11)
    1. A daylight signaling lamp shall be provided with the ship's main and emergency source of electrical power.
    2. Portable battery is not necessarily required.
  2. Daylight signaling lamps installed on or after 1 July 2002 (2000 SOLAS Reg. V/, Res.MSC.95(72))
    1. Daylight signaling lamps should be provided with a complete weight of not more than 7.5 kg.
    2. Daylight signaling lamps shall be provided with the ship's main or emergency source of electrical power.
    3. Daylight signaling lamps should be provided with a portable battery having sufficient capacity to operate the daylight signaling lamps for a period of not less than 2 hours.
    4. Each daylight signaling lamp should be provided with at least three spare illuminants complying with the type-tested illuminant.

   For more detail on the performance standard please visit Res.MSC.95(72), as uploaded here.

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