Radio personnel requirements

Radio personnel requirements

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A Radio Operator is a person holding an appropriate certificate issued or recognized by an Administration under the provisions of the Radio Regulations. The GMDSS Operator performs the function of operating the GMDSS system, transmitting information across two levels, determining and locating vessel's position and providing safety and security assistance to on-board vessels.

Every ship shall carry personnel qualified for distress and safety radio communication purposes to the satisfaction of its flag administration. (Refer to the STCW Code, chapter IV, Section B-IV/2.)

The personnel shall be holders of certificates specified in the Radio Regulations as appropriate, any one of whom shall be designated to have primary responsibility for radio communications during distress incidents. From 01.July.1997, in passenger ships, at least one person qualified in accordance with above paragraph shall be assigned to perform only radio communication duties during distress incidents.

The kind of certificates for GMDSS operator:

  1. 1st REC : First-Class Radio Electronic Certificate
  2. 2nd REC : Second-Class Radio Electronic Certificate
  3. GOC : General Operator's Certificate
  4. ROC : Restricted Operator's Certificate

So, in the following tables, the number and qualifications of radio operators are mentioned according to sea areas and flag administrations:

Radio personnel requirements for some flag states:

Radio personnel requirements

In case radio officer(exclusive) on board:

Radio personnel requirements

The person who performs the radio officer's duty, has to have the certification of radio officer according to above paragraph and at least two of other crews have ROC or higher than ROC certificates.

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